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Below are some commonly asked questions relating to the supply of plastic and rubber injection moulded components.

Q. What information do we need to supply you to receive a quote?

A. If you have CAD data email it to us along with details of the number of parts required, timescales and materials if known. We can provide advice on product design, process suitability, and choice of materials.
If you don’t have CAD info we would need a sample part or an image of the part, with details of the sizes and shape of the component. We can again advise on product design if needed.

Q. Can you guarantee that my enquiry will be confidential?

A. Yes, you can send us a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before sending us any information. We work with many confidential projects so this is standard practice for us.

Q. Will I need a mould tool to be manufactured for you to produce my mouldings?

A. Yes, we operate an injection moulding process which requires a mould to manufacture your parts. We can manage the whole project for you including the supply of a mould suitable to the volume of parts you will require.

Q. Will I have ownership of the mould tool?

A. Yes, once the final payment has been made.

Q. What if I only want a few parts first to test my product?

A. We provide many prototyping facilities for you to get your parts verified prior to production.

Q. What is the standard procedure for supplying parts to me?

Once you are happy with the final design CAD data will be provided and the mould will be manufactured. We will then produce sample parts which you will get approved. We will make any modifications as required and additional parts will be moulded until you are satisfied.
Once we receive final approval production parts will be manufactured.

If you have any particular questions, please contact us to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team.