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Product Design & Development

Product DesignWebb Injection provides a comprehensive design and development capability. As well as working with larger clients, for example to develop plastic components to replace metal items, we have also worked with a number of smaller firms and individuals, developing brand new products.

Our service runs from the initial design concept, through to creating CAD drawings, prototyping, development and finally the production of moulded parts or assemblies. We have relationships with a number of polymer manufacturers and have access to the very latest resources, plus technical back-up. We can assist engineers or individuals through their choice of polymers, design, colours, additives, and processing.  This helps them achieve the required specification for both manufacture and performance.

We also have vast experience in relation to tool design, which ensures we can add value when it comes to helping our Customers designing components. We can advise you to ensure that components can be moulded efficiently, providing the right quality, mechanical properties and commercial attributes. We also work very closely with all our Customers Design Departments to help develop new components or product designs and to ensure that all design elements are fully developed before any metal is cut for new tooling.